About More Gardens Eco-Village

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More Gardens Eco-Village

The More Gardens Project aims to deliver a successful low-impact living development in New York State’s Hudson Valley which will achieve positive benefits for the environment, local community and economy.

The achievements of the settlement will be exploited to multiply sustainable benefits through its use as a research and demonstration resource, to promote best practice and support the development of similarly successful projects. In particular

More Gardens aims to demonstrate the viability of low impact development as a settlement model that has the potential to rejuvenate the rural landscape and economy. Thus we propose a pioneering project that shall act as a milestone and a reference point for future sustainable development possibilities.  

The concept is that of a new build low-impact permaculture development of 9 dwellings, centered on a community hub building and village green. The dwellings will merge with the natural environment that surrounds them. The buildings will be highly innovative and earthy, using the latest environmental technologies combined with local natural materials. The dwellings will be sited on smallholding plots that will allow residents to substantially meet their needs from the site through agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

The site will be cultivated to form an abundant network of varied ecosystems which will support a diverse human and wildlife population


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