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Chaharshanbeh Soori - Festival of Fire - El Jardin del Paraiso Community Garden

  • El Jardin Del Paraiso 706 E 5th St New York, NY, 10009 United States (map)
Châhârshanbe Suri  (Persianچهارشنبه ‌سوری‎) is a fire jumping festival celebrated by Iranian and Iranic peoples in Iran and across the world. The event takes place on the eve of the last Tuesday Night, March 17th (Wednesday Eve) to usher Nowruz  New Year, celebrated on the Vernal Equinox.

Join us for a transformational fire jumping night, in a Lower East Side community garden celebrating the Festival of Fire to usher in the spring! Free.

Location: El Jardin del Paraiso Community garden, Entrance at 706 East 5th Street, as well as 311 East 4th Street (both entrances btw Avenues C & D)

Time: 5.30 pm till 8.30pm

Contact: Aresh Javadi, 917-518-9987

There will be music, FalGush/fortune telling, and traditional food. Please bring fresh food and refreshment to share, and more ...

Presented by Aresh Javadi of More Gardens! organization's with much thanks to El Jardin del Paraiso community garden, and fortune telling by Kate Temple-West.

More Insights:

Literally the eve of 'Red Wednesday' or the eve of celebration, bonfires are lit in public places with the help of fire and light, enlightenment and happiness throughout the coming year are called in. People leap over the flames, shouting: Sorkhi-ye to az man; Zardi-ye man az to (Give me your beautiful red color; And take back my unhealthy pallor). 

Some practicalities: The fire is high in the beginning, and low near the end, so you get to choose how high you wanna jump!


Much of the symbolism of this act links to astrological connotations associated with sign of Pisces or Esfand, or the 12th House related to the subconscious mind, hidden resources, hidden problems, social responsibility. The human has to face his ultimate fears and does so by jumping over the fire. That cleansing act is necessary before the advent of the Spring at the Vernal Equinox. ( is chosen because of its ancient association with being the fourth day of Mercury or Kherad, and Mercury being the messenger of Gods.


Iranians believe that certain days are especially good for divination. During the Chaharshanbe Suri, divination, especially by listening to the conversations of the passers by and interpreting that which is heard (fālgūsh) as a sign is quite common. Kate Temple-West is a witch, which is close enough (and married to a Persian!)