"Rise Up and Green the Bronx" Free Children's Summer Camp 2014

"Rise Up and Green the Bronx" Free Children's Summer Camp 2014

Rise up and Green the Bronx! Free Summer Camp 2014
 at Padre Plaza Garden runs throughout July, including the July 4th weekend Upstate Camping with parent/guardian!
Come join our exciting camp for 10-14 years olds!
 Free for all!
The camp offers Free Organic Lunch and Snacks

The Summer Youth Camp will: 

Grow plants to improve lung health!
Learn all about the different wild life!

Visit butterflies and their environments!

Canoe, Yoga, Sing, Swim, tree climb!

Make art, giant puppets, have a parade and so much more!

Description of Our Program!

Environmental, Health and Food Justice
• Planting neighborhood trees
• Growing fresh vegetables and medicinal herbs
• Creative workshops on environmental health and food justice
• Cooking and learning healthy eating for and by campers, parents, staff

Advanced Learning, and Development Skills. Through games and creative collaborations campers, parents and junior counselors learn:
• Nature awareness
• Physical Education such as swimming, tree climbing, canoeing
• Native American History and Culture
• Team building
• Social and Political Engagement
• Arts
• Music

Community Building, Empowerment, and Strengthening Families: Campers and their families return year after year, strengthening ties, and share positive experiences.
• We will partner with Be Present Organization whose transformative workshops and staff training provide tools for dialogue & practice on the impact of race, gender, class, & power issues on well-being, effectiveness and sustainability.

For more Information!
Aresh Javadi - Co-Director, 917-518-9987, aresh@moregardens.org
Kate Temple-West - Co-Director 917-548-9306, katetemplewest@gmail.com
Leroy Huston - Coordinator, (718) 993-3519, leroyhuston@gmail.com

Here is a Youtube video of our 2008 Summer Camp