City-Wide Update

City Wide Endangered Community gardens


SBUG - South Bronx

We thank outgoing Councilmember Foster: Wo stood united alongside her community gardeners
and made them permanent! Also helping with City-wide Legislation!

Badillo Rose Garden is preserved in its entirety where she stands.
Councilmember Foster tells all city agencies to move the planned building to where they want to relocate the community garden.

Ms. Foster is currently working with NYCCGC and
More Gardens! for legislation to strengthen the "Attorney General's
community garden agreement" soon coming to a close.

Ms. Foster is also calling for unused open space NYCHA land in her
district to be transfered/bought for community garden relocation site
for LIttle Green Garden and Cabo Rojo .

Topping it all she is also the keynote speaker for the community garden forum coming up May 31st.

Councilmemer Arroyo's District:
Needs huge
improvement in standing up to developers and preserving her community
green spaces. Major losses of community gardens as well as parks
(Yankee Stadium). Needs to follow through after stating her commitments.

Cabo Rojo Community garden, buldozed for the fourth time in its challenged life.
We had asked the councilmember to preserve this forested community
garden where it lives, and after 2 years of delays (eventually meeting
with chief of staff), and eventual disclaimer her attempt to help with
relocation fell short. Very similar to the loss of two other previous community
gardens below.

Aguada, Councilmemer Arroyo assisted with a NYCHA
relocation. the proposed site is smaller, and has less legal rights, on
the other hand
it is close to the Seniors. Garden was destroyed by sanitation in
Spring 2007 after a year of waiting for a relocation. The community
gardeners are still waiting for a timeline or a contract.

Vogue community garden, bulldozed and moved on top of half of Bush, Community Garden (adjacent endangered community garden).

Rock community garden- Struggling community garden
repeatedly set back by city agents destroying the new plants. The
members are working on a budget plan and working to garner more members.

HUG - Harle, Manhattan

Councilmember Mark-Viverito's district: Has worked
closely with HUG and included them in all the meetings with developers.
Followed through with her commitments. Walking Tour of El Barrio/East
Harlem community gardens April 26th.

East Harlem Endangered Gardens -

Magic Garden: At a meeting with Councilmember
Mark-Viverito, Lantern Development, Magic Gardeners & More
Gardens!, Lantern Development has opted to change their plans to
preserve Magic garden where it is located.

Young Devils,
Developers 116 Block Association are meeting through Councilmember Melissa Mark- Viverito to preserve the community garden.
The developers ignored Councilmember Mark-Viverit's requests to meet
and come up with a negotiated land use plan the developers have reduced
the avenues to keep the communities long growing oasis where many
seniors prosper. We are asking for the interior garden space to be
acceible to the outside and made into a community garden.

Chenchita - Farmers market and community workdays are coming up.

Three community gardens, one of which was completely destroyed
another partially by Loewn Group Development, are being made permanent
assisted by Councilmember Melissa Mark- Viverito. They are La Cuevita, Pueblo Unido and Tito Puente
garden (110th street block assoc). We are waiting for replacement fruit
trees and new iron gate fences paid for by the developer.
Fourth community garden, Perla del grup Ponceno - resisted dramatical
change from a very large Casita to a more green community garden and
may soon be developed on.

After months of anticipation and presistance, El Gallo is also going to be preserved in its entirety, Sanidad del Ciello and Minni Barrio
community gardens will be relocating into El Gallo. Again thanks
toCouncilmember Melissa Mark- Viverito and the big Gingko tree. El
Gallo presently is a location for the construction of a brand new
Casita built by Chema (Centro Cultural Rincon Criollo) and Fernando (El
Flamboyan), through GreenThumb.

Councilmember Dickens district: Needs to meet with community gardens
after 2 years of calls and requests.

-Central Harlem Endangered Gardens many have been bulldozed none as
yet preserved.

Inez Dickens 2 years and HUG is still waiting for a meeting.

-Mapping all Harlem endangered community gardens

LES - Lower East Side, Manhattan

Councilmember Chin's district: Has stood by the children's Magical Garden. Supported in making the HPD lots preserved under Parks

Children's Magical Garden Councilperson Chin has asked Serge Hoyda to take down the fence immediately.

Brooklyn Coney Island has endangered community gardens- Need Help

Unity Tower Tenant Association-- 1917 Surf Avenue, contact: Mr. Verzell Thomas, 718-946-6067

Senior Citizens Block Association of Mermaid Ave-- 2917 West 20th Street, contact: Mr. James Simmons, 718-946-3452

Surf Side Garden-- 2829 Surf Avenue, contact: Mr. Mahow Henry, 347-546-0023