Cabo Rojo / Melrose Green House

Councilmemer Arroyo's District:
Needs huge
improvement in standing up to developers and preserving her community
green spaces. Major losses of community gardens as well as parks
(Yankee Stadium). Needs to follow through after stating her commitments.

ENCAMPMENT: Cabo Rojo Community garden, now in danger with ULURP (city agent HPD giving land to developers).
We have asked the councilmember to preserve this forested community
garden where it lives, and after 2 years of delays (eventually meeting
with chief of staff) last week, she suddenly announced she never
planned to preserve this community garden and will try to help with
relocation. Very similar to the loss of two other previous community
gardens below.

Aguada, Councilmemer Arroyo assisted with a NYCHA
relocation. the proposed site is smaller, and has less legal rights, on
the other hand
it is close to the Seniors. Garden was destroyed by sanitation in
Spring 2007 after a year of waiting for a relocation. The community
gardeners are still waiting for a timeline or a contract.

Vogue community garden, bulldozed and moved on top of half of Bush, Community Garden (adjacent endangered community garden).

Rock community garden- Struggling community garden
repeatedly set back by city agents destroying the new plants. The
members are working on a budget plan and working to garner more members.