Made Permanant will be renovated this Spring!....Pueblo Unido Community Garden Illegally Destroyed

Harlem Under Siege! Two Community Gardens. One completely razed, the other partially destroyed, stopped by police - for now!
This is in complete disregard of the law set for these GreenThumb gardens.

Press Conference Monday Afternoon 2pm: at the Pueblo Unido community garden (Madison btw 111th & 110th Streets) Visit All day Monday.

Urgent calls:

1. The Mayor! 311
- Preserve all endangered community gardens in Harlem and city wide!
Also mention to taking away city's 12 million to the Museum for African Art to build 150 luxury condos on Nueva Esperanza community garden!

2. Loewen Development LLC - (914) 261-9340
, Meet with gardeners and restore the 2 effected community gardens immediately, more importantly keep your original promise with Councilmember Viverito and the community gardeners, in preserving/relocating the five community gardens.

What happened:

Illegal attack and complete destruction of Pueblo Unido community garden.
All but one de-limbed tree remains standing. The peach tree, the apricot tree, the pine tree, dozens of shrubs and bushes all the pride of the gardeners are chain-sawed this morning. Most lay broken in the dumpster, the rest scattered on the earth. The head worker was approached and asked to stop as he was sawing up the 7 ft roses. He yelled back that it was "his garden". The head worker then refused to give any names. The police where called at which time the workers stopped, even then he refused to name his boss claiming it was "privileged information". The gardens new fence is now locking out the gardeners. The gardeners are heart broken and feel betrayed.

Illegal attack and part destruction of 110th Block Association community garden.
Fences torn down and some of the garden razed. Hand made fences ripped up and shoved into the garden crushing the blooming bulbs and trees. Workers had started cutting down trees and plants - one tree cut down before stopped by police. Hyacinths and other blooming flowers lay crushed by workers’ feet.

Both community gardens are under the protection of the State Attorney General & Mayors' Settlement.
Decisions to preserve or sell the garden are still pending.
Gordon Johnson from the State Attorney Generals office is lodging a formal complaint to the Mayors office.
Previous History and agreements:
Pueblo Unido,110th St. Block Association, Jirasal Association, Perla Del Sur Grupo Ponceno, and La Cuevita:

All parties Loewen Developers, Melissa, and gardeners have met and are negotiating. HPD is kept in the loop.
Currently core drilling/sampling is being done on all sites by Loewen Development.
Gardeners have agreed to allow workers in as long as everything is returned to original condition when testing is completed as stated by law.
Loewen is redrawing their maps of 11 building sites.

To make garden permanent as soon as possible where they are.
To return to original agreement between developers and gardeners

What had happened up to this point:
Gardeners, and Melissa met with Loewen Development on Tuesday, October 17th. The developers have bought a large private site next to the vacant HPD lot so as to create a large building on the same block (110th and Mad.)
After hearing the gardeners’ willingness to negotiate the developers pointed out that the proposed smaller buildings on vacant lots were not as cost effective as the large site, and if HPD was willing to give them a higher zoning, they would be very happy to preserve Jirasol, move Pueblo Unido next to the adjacent site and agree to preserve both. The large space increase would also allow for 110 Block Assosiation and La Cuivita to stay permanent where they are.

The Councilmember seemed satisfied that La Cuevita and Jirasol (with the adjacent lot) would become permanent as well as 110 and La Cuevita staying where they are. She said she would discuss the need to increase zoning for the larger site with HPD as soon as possible
Aresh Javadi requested that the developers would help with the relocation (clearing the vacant lot and replacing 3 feet of new soil), new sidewalks, and iron gates. The developer seemed to be in agreement with this.
The two representatives of Pueblo Unido walked over to Jirasol and were agreed that their garden could be transferred to the lot adjacent to Jirasol. The gardeners from Pueblo Unido expressed concern that they needed the site cleared and filled with fertile soil.
In February, after developers were likely to get zoning increased, they responded with a new set of plans eradicating four community gardens and relocating all to one small location on the North side of their development . This was unacceptable to the gardeners and Melissa will be requesting a return to the original conditions agreed upon previously.

Name: Pueblo Unido Garden

Address: 1659 Madison Avenue
Cross Streets: 110th & 111th Streets
Neighborhood: East Harlem
Block: 1616 Lot: 53
Jurisdiction: GreenThumb, HPD
Settlement Decision: Subject to Development (preserve or build)
Garden Description: A beautiful stretch (narrow) of property. Looks like 'Eden' - beautifully kept, clean & pleasant environment.
Year Founded: 6/12/1995

Name: 110th Street Block Association
Address: 1651 Madison Avenue
Cross Streets: 110th Street
Neighborhood: East Harlem
Block: 1616 Lot: 23
Jurisdiction: GreenThumb, HPD
Settlement Decision: Subject to Development (preserve or build)
Garden Description: Corner lot, always well kept and clean
Year Founded: 10/1/1985


Anthony Bowman (646) 265-8923 Nueva Esperanza Community garden recently evicted
Alex Brown (646) 320-7428 Harlem United Garden President
Aresh Javadi (917) 518 9987 More Gardens!
Melissa Mark Viverito Councilwoman (212) 828-9800
Loewen Developers LLC (914) 261-9340