BULLDOZED by EDC, HPD and African Museum for Luxury Condos aka Museum of African Art ....Community Garden Alert!! Support the Harlem United Gardeners!

Encampment - Nuevo Esperanza Community Garden: When: On going. 7 days a week / 24 hours a day. Especially mornings from 7-9am Where: 110th Street corner of 5th Avenue 110 stop of 6 train or 110th of 2&3 train What: Luxury development sponsored by the Museum of African Art is planning to destroy the Nuevo Esperanza Community Garden. The encampment is also representing over 20 endangered community Gardens in East Harlem. To Do: 1.Come to the Nuevo Esperanza Community Garden Encampment Camp overnight! Bring supplies, water, food, wood, tent, etc. 2. Phone Calls do make a difference: A. Call the Mayor at 311 and ask him to direct Housing Preservation and Development to make all the Harlem Community Gardens Permanent side by side with real affordable housing! B. Also please call the following Councilmembers: Inez Dickens: 212 788 7397 Tell her after a whole year it is time to finally meet with the Harlem United Gardeners, and help keep all gardens in her district permanent. Melissa Mark-Viverito: 212 828 9800 – Thank her for her exemplary leadership and when will she run for Mayor. History: Nuevo Esperanza Nuevo Esperanza Garden a registered active Green thumb Community resource, since 1988, designed by Edie Kean, as a visual educational, social open space and gathering place. Enhanced by community pride and hard labor through many years. In danger by a non community based Museum of African Arts partnering to build a luxury condominium high-rise. Contact: HUG: Alex Brown (646) 320-7428 Nuevo Esperanza: Anthony Bowman (646) 265-8923 Facts: There are many empty city owned lots still available for truly affordable housing. Housing and community gardens for the low income and homeless is what the gardeners are fighting for. The More Gardens! Coalition is a group of community people, gardeners, and environmental and social justice activists committed to revitalizing and enhancing existing community gardens and making more gardens! Questions, Donations, and Help Call (917) 518 9987 & www.moregardens.org