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It all started when the garden Agreement came to a close in 2010…

GreenThumb License Agreements 2019!!!

More Gardens’ assessment  for License Agreement and beyond: is for all or a handful of community gardeners to resist signing up the leases, join forces rally representatives and go to the State Attorney General and show how the agreement’s written laws superseding 2010 are not being followed, and jointly sue to bring back NYC administrators to the table and re-enforce the Garden Agreement made 15 years ago correcting the illegal and unjust “Parks Rules”. Creating a new set of agreements where the community gardeners are in a representative partnership with NYC Parks and the community gardens are listed by city administrators as what they truly are: “Preserved Parkland”!

Here is the Link to the GreenThumb Community Garden License 2019 is the new license agreements, without much input that I can tell from community gardens representing gardeners, that were mailed by GreenThumb/Parks on the week of April 15, to community gardens’ contact persons. The highlighted changes from the previous agreement dated 2014 are in bold (this was gratefully forwarded from a Lungs email). During my position as co-director of Legislative committee, I oversaw the writing of the following letters with our lawyers and the board.

Here are:

1- link “NYCCGC’s letter in 2010 asking State Attorney General Cuomo to back our position with the draconian new rules (they did back of a key sentence in regards to keeping community gardens in Parks). The State Attorney General’s (Spitzer) Agreement is included of the letter,

2- Link “NYCCGC’s opposition and recommendation to the Rules, Position”.