More Gardens! 12th Annual Free Environmental Summer Camping in the Hudson Valley.

Our summer camp gives access to the great outdoors to families providing free outdoor education and environmental arts in local community gardens and parks every year in the month of July. The urban youth and their families who join our free summer camp live in Mott Haven, Bronx that has one of the highest rates of asthma, diabetes and poverty in the country. Our campers understand the impact of pollution and environmental destruction firsthand. They are given the opportunity to enjoy nature, and they also want to get a chance to advocate for a healthier neighborhood and planet. 



Campers, counselors, and parents teach and share what they learn with the wider community throughout the year at Padre Plaza community garden, sharing their love of the outdoors through plays and interactive presentations to hundreds of community members at the local farmer’s market.

Through games, creative arts and nature excursions campers, parents and junior counselors learn:

  • Nature awareness including plant, animal, and insect identification

  • Creative arts such as book-making, theater, and puppetry on environmental themes

  • Outdoor Education such as swimming in the ocean and in lakes, tree climbing, hiking and canoeing

  • Outdoorspersonship including tenting, fire building, wilderness first-aid

  • Cooking and learning healthy eating for and by campers, parents, & staff

Final Registration at Padres Plaza Community Garden from 1-5pm on Sunday June 26th

TBA - 9am the Family and campers preparation day for trip to the camping grounds and mountains.

TBA (July 4th weekend) - Board two vans and head to our Upstate climbing destination in the Minnewaska State Park & Mohonk Preserve.